About DSS

Since its inception, Dynamic System Solutions has taken on the specialist services of software developers and IT experts to provide exceptional options and results for all its clients. Founded by Wayne Weskin, a business operations veteran with background in Accounting and IT, who has run companies or been in senior management for over 20 years. Wayne has improved and automated systems for companies large and small, resulting in increased productivity and up to 65% reduction in administrative costs.

For Dynamic System Solutions, Wayne assembled a staff of experienced IT industry professionals with successful track records of delivering software solutions in a wide range of businesses. Our team combines the best proven technologies on the market with an in-depth knowledge of the industry to help you successfully manage your software projects. We understand that operations are different in every situation and our team works with your business to adapt software systems to suit your specific needs.

Our Skills

Enterprise Applications Company Portals Document Management Project Management Database Design Software Implementation Staff Training Website Design
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